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Posted on May 4, 2020 Description: This is a recorded session of the live broadcast going over the new features in PME 2020. 
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Al Belmar asked:
Do we need software assurance to upgrade PME9 to PME2020? What about to upgrade from PME8.2? Answer: Software Assurance provides you the added value of getting the upgrade free of charge. If you do not have software assurance which is included with Prime and Ultra DSP contracts, you would need to pay for PME2020 software licence.
Kyle asked:
Can you elaborate a bit more regarding the new VIP Modbus Slave Device in PME2020?s Designer? How does it send data out of designer, and where to? Answer: Module will allow you to take calculated values in the VIP and make them available on the network as though the PME server was a modbus device. You can learno more by downloading the PME2020 System Guide and refer to page 946
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