Power Monitoring Expert (PME) Advanced Programming

Length: 4 Days


This advanced programming course focuses on system and device level customization using the Designer interface in PME software. Students will learn the architecture of the ION meter along with using the Designer interface to examine the default frameworks. Students will be guided through a series of lab activities to creating custom applications for equipment monitoring, alarming, and logging. Students will learn to program the Virtual ION Processor (VIP) for special applications such as data aggregation, logging, and alarming. Students will then have the opportunity to create a custom virtual meter framework by aggregating multiple meters in the VIP and displaying the real-time and historical information from that newly created meter in the Vista application. Students will learn the differences between the default meter templates and firmware versions that can be uploaded to devices and be able to describe each. At the end of the course, students will have created frameworks for integrating the several types of WAGES devices available and programmed frameworks that will perform process and control applications.

Delivery Type

  • Classroom
  • VILT

Who should attend

This course is designed for anyone who works with a PME system and has reasonable knowledge of the default functions of ION meters and PME software. This course may be appropriate for meter/instrumentation technicians, system engineers and system integrators who need to learn how to get the most out of their PME software and associated meters.


  • Working knowledge of PME software, especially experience using Vista
  • Working knowledge of the default capabilities of ION meters
  • General computer skills and basic working experience with Microsoft Windows
  • Completion of a PME Operation or Overview course is recommended

Students will be able to

  • Describe ION architecture and ION module properties
  • Examine configuration of meters installed in a PME system
  • Understand the procedure to backup and restore a meter template
  • Construct programs to perform custom calculations
  • Describe how Designer and Vista work together
  • Build programs for logging and alarming
  • Construct programs for Advanced WAGES metering
  • Build programs to read Modbus registers from one device to an ION meter
  • Program applications inside of ION meters to monitor processes and control functions
  • Understand the ION Reference document and how to use it
  • Learn best practices for programming in Designer