Power Monitoring Expert (PME) Operation

Length: 4 Days


PME Operation is one of several courses available for the EcoStruxure PME software. This course is specifically designed as an introduction to this software for individuals becoming involved with an existing PME system. It provides an overview of the software capabilities with a focus on viewing, creating, and managing objects in the Web Application such as User Access, Native Devices, Device Hierarchies, Dashboards, Alarms, Trends, and Reports. Some additional topics will also be included such as proper meter selection, communication & configuration, Power Fundamentals, Energy Management and Utility Billing. Students will learn through instructor presentations and live demos, as well as through hands on labs via a simulated PME system.

Delivery Type

  • Classroom
  • VILT

Who should attend

Anyone becoming involved with an existing PME system looking to get an introduction into its capabilities.


  • Basic computer skills and experience with Microsoft Windows®
  • Basic metering terminology

Students will be able to

  • Understand basic power fundamentals, terminology, and utility billing
  • Understand what the PME software is, how it works, and its full capabilities
  • Create and manage Dashboards
  • Create and manage Reports
  • Create and manage Alarms
  • Create and manage Trends
  • Create and manage user access via the web application
  • Add and managing native serial and ethernet devices using the web client (Management Console and adding nonnative devices is not part of this course)
  • View and navigate through existing Diagrams (Vista and Creating new diagrams is not part of this course)
  • Understand proper meter selection, communication & configuration