Power Quality - Identification, Causation and Mitigation (3 Day)

Length: 3 Days


This 3-day course begins with a focus toward power quality theory that will lead to the identification, causation and mitigation of PQ issues in a facility. You will first gain an understanding of power systems, then move on to PQ basics. The terminology and theories will be covered to lay the ground work for the application of those theories, for PQ event identification within a facility. Once those have been discussed the 3rd day will focus on the mitigation of the issues discovered and discussed, prior. The instructor will utilize various training methodologies to communicate the PQ topics. A best practices list will be developed as well.

Delivery Type

  • Classroom

Who should attend

Anyone responsible for the power monitoring system in a facility from an engineering and analysis or reliability and uptime standpoint.


  • Basic computer skills and experience with Microsoft Windows. 
  • Basic metering terminology
  • Experience with PME or other Power Monitoring software. 
  • Electrical Engineering background or Power system experience
  • Watch PQ videos on Karls Corner (

Students will be able to

  • Understand Power systems - The Big Picture
  • Understand PQ basics
  • Diagnose where PQ problems originate from
  • Understand commonly used PQ terminology
  • Understand current PQ standards
  • View waveforms that represent PQ issues and understand and practice the process for analyzing such waveforms (local facility software can be used if PQ capability in software is available)
  • Understand how PQ and reliability are connected
  • Understand and explain about harmonics; what they are; where they come from; and the impact they have on equipment
  • View harmonics and understand the thought process for analyzing such charts
  • Understand and Explain PQ fundamentals; how it works in specific equipment (VFDs, lighting, motors, process control equip, standby power generators, telecom, transformers)
  • Understand and explain methods of mitigating power and PQ issues. Poor PF, Harmonics, Flicker and Voltage Regulation.