Advanced Power Quality: AccuSine

Length: 3 Days


Accusine overview

This course will demonstrate, describe and explain the various critical components of an AccuSine PCSP/PFVP/PCSN active harmonic filter unit. In this session, delegates will review basic concepts of power quality and will gradually scale to all the wiring components and structure of an active harmonic filter while focusing on maintenance procedures and troubleshooting techniques. Day 3 of this course will include an optional certification exam.

Delivery Type

  • VILT

Who should attend

  • System Architects
  • Application Engineers
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Field Service Engineers
  • Project Engineers


  • Understanding of the basics of Electrical Networks and Harmonics

Students will be able to

  • Understand basic Power Quality concepts
  • Identify components of an active harmonic filter and understand their use
  • Understand the wiring scheme for AccuSine+ PCSP / PFVP / PCSN Filter Equipment for the Solutions
  • Understand and follow the defined procedure of installation and commissioning of the equipment for the customer
  • Understand the Maintenance activities to be performed for better performance for the full life of the equipment
  • Resolve basic troubleshooting for the AccuSine+ Equipment
  • Understand PF Theory and why capacitors are installed in electrical networks