PME Elective Series - Energy Billing Module

Length: 1 Day


This course introduces the configuration of the PME add-on Energy Billing Module. This module is used to develop an accurate, complex energy bill based on data in PME’s database. This can be used for utility bill verification, load cost analysis, or tenant billing. Students will develop advanced rate schedules in the form of XML files, then run the various billing reports based on these rates. 

Delivery Type

  • VILT

Who should attend

This course is designed for anyone who has a need to deploy and configure the Energy Billing Module. While the focus is on system integrators, this may also include experienced engineers who need to configure or modify the usage of this module.


  • Working knowledge of PME software
  • Experience configuring PME hierarchies
  • Working knowledge of utility billing rate contents
  • General computer skills and basic working experience with Microsoft Windows
  • Completion of a PME Fundamentals or Overview course is recommended


Students will be able to

  • Run a report from the Energy Billing Module
  • Add additional line items to an energy bill
  • Develop a tiered time-of-use rate structure
  • Generate a bill based on metered circuits in a datacenter