Power Monitoring Expert (PME) Project Deployment Workshop

Length: 5 Days


This training course is an integral part of the complete Schneider Academy curriculum.

The 5-day Power Monitoring Expert Project Deployment course provides students with the resources to successfully commission a “standalone” Power Monitoring Expert system. Students will follow a Standard Scope of Work to collect information from the customer, prepare the server and operating system, configure Power Monitoring Expert and program the software to meet the customer’s needs. The 5th day is dedicated to taking the certification exam. 


Delivery Type

  • Classroom
  • VILT

Who should attend

  • Solution Application Engineer
  • System Integrator / Partner
  • Services Engineer / Technical Support L1 / L2 / L3


It is expected that trainees will: 

  • Be familiar with the concepts of power monitoring

  • Be familiar with the concepts of energy management

  • Be familiar with Microsoft Windows

  • Be familiar with Power Monitoring Expert

Students will be able to

  • Describe the architecture of a Power Monitoring Expert system

  • Describe the commissioning steps to deploy Power Monitoring Expert

  • Perform a “standalone” installation of Power Monitoring Expert

  • Connect and organize power meters and devices in the system

  • Configure power meter devices with recommended settings and parameters

  • Integrate 3rd party meters into PME

  • Utilize the Designer tool to customize data to meet unique customer needs

  • Design and create custom graphic screens to display system data

  • Configure report templates to display historical data