PME Elective Series - Configuring Meters and Communication Troubleshooting

Length: 1 Day


This Webinar course focuses on installation and setup of PowerLogic and ION metering. Participants will identify and resolve meter setup issues, CT and PT wiring issues, and meter communication network issues. Participants will examine the capabilities of specific PowerLogic and ION meters and learn how to select the correct meter for different metering points in a facility.  The ION Setup Utility will be used to display real‐time data tables for the purpose of verifying that meter CTs and PTs are correctly wired to the meters. The ION Setup Utility will also be used to setup logging and event detection for each meter in the system. This course introduces installing and setting up a metering system utilizing PowerLogic and ION hardware.  


Delivery Type

  • VILT

Who should attend

Anyone who will be designing, installing, configuring, troubleshooting, or maintaining PowerLogic and ION power meters.


  • Basic computer skills and experience with Microsoft Windows.
  • Working knowledge and understanding of electrical terminology, concepts and calculations, including an understanding of the relationships among current, voltage, power, and power factor in three‐phase circuits.

Students will be able to

  • Determine the capabilities of specific PowerLogic and ION metering devices
  • Use the PowerLogic and ION meter front panels 
  • Use the ION Setup Utility to troubleshoot CT and PT wiring issues 
  • Use the ION Setup Utility to modify and save meter configurations 
  • Troubleshoot meter wiring and communication issues a