PME Elective Series - Learn How to Setup and Automate Web Reports in PME

Length: 1 Day


As with all our Elective Series courses, this remote session will cover a specific task, tool, or use case as it pertains to the PME platform. Topics will not only be covered with presentation and discussion, but also with practice through a hands-on lab session for the attendees. This training curriculum focuses on the Reports section of the Web Applications. Students will learn how to navigate, create, edit, and manage content within the Reports Library of the PME Web Applications.

Delivery Type

  • VILT

Who should attend

This course is designed for anyone who is responsible for accessing and analyzing real‐time or historical data from PME system devices.


  • A reasonable understanding of Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Be familiar with common PME system devices

Students will be able to

  • Add physical, logical, and virtual device into the PME system
  • Understand how each source type is used in PME Reports
  • Understand how to create and modify entries within the Reports Library
  • View historical data using a variety of Report templates
  • Extract historical data in a variety of file formats
  • Save Reports
  • Automate Reports using Web Reporter subscriptions